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Are you a relatively new driver? Or are you confused about what the difference between heavy-duty and light truck towing services is? At Five Star Towing, we have met many people who have no idea whether they need to hire a light truck towing service or heavy-duty towing truck, what differences they need to consider, and everything there is to know about these services.

Today, our team from Five Star Towing will try their best to help you understand what a light truck towing service is so you know what you are signing up for if a situation arises

Light tow trucks

Smaller form factor

Heavy duty and light duty towing trucks refers to the type of truck doing the work for you. Medium and light duty towing services often consist of what you consider as a standard towing service. This includes towing coupes, sedans, and smaller cars, assisting victims of roadside accidents, removing abandoned vehicles, and towing away vehicles from private property.

The trucks that do such light duty towing services are ideally lighter, smaller trucks that are efficient for driving within a city. On the other hand, tow trucks that engage in heavy-duty towing tasks tend to be much larger and have a total capacity of up to 25 tons! Their job is to tow all large cargoes and huge loads, which ideally require a lot of torque and horsepower to move safely.

Easy on the pocket

Using the wrong type of truck for your towing job may cost you a lot of money. If you hire a professional heavy-duty towing service to give your car a lift, the job is going to end up taking a lot more money and time than it would if you choose a smaller and more efficient light-duty truck.

By using the right kind of truck for your towing job, you can save a lot of money and resources. This is why you should always research and find out which towing service you need to hire for the job at hand. When you call our professionals from Five Star Towing for your towing requirements, they can help you understand what kind of truck you need for the job.

As a new truck driver or someone trying to educate themselves about towing types, these factors should come in handy when determining what towing service you need to request based on your situation.

Professionals from Five Star Towing can provide you with high-end light truck towing services for anyone who needs a lift or a tow. With experienced drivers and operators available to your service 24/7, with our help, you can quickly get out of trouble with minimum effort.

Having professionals by your side can help you save a lot!

Perhaps you feel like your vehicle will not suffer any breakdowns soon since it is new or has been newly refurbished. However, you cannot predict what is going to happen in the future. Even if you drive with caution and use defensive driving techniques, there is no guarantee that other vehicle drivers on the road may do the same. You may encounter a drunk driver who carelessly drives his vehicle on the highway like there is no heaven or hell. If in case there is a mishap on the road, our team can reach your location and ensure both you and your vehicle get back to safety. Having years of training and experience towing vehicles, our team can get the job done efficiently in no time.

Hire Five Star Towing for reliable light truck towing service

If your car breaks down when you are cruising down the highway, you must contact a reliable towing company. Ensure that you don’t force yourself to hire a random towing company without any background check. Since most emergencies tend to leave people desperate, the chances are that a random company may charge you a lot of money since they already know you don’t have a choice.

We can help you cut downtime

When you ask Five Star Towing for light truck towing services in Lucas, Murphy, McKinney, Allen, Sachse, Plano, and Richardson, Texas, our team will provide you with high-end towing services. Moreover, we will also take your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop immediately. In other words, your vehicle will get repaired as soon as possible, enabling you to get back on the road and continue your journey in no time.

Why Five Star Towing is your best choice?

We believe that out of all other light truck towing services, our team is the best option for you because:

  • We will ensure the overall safety of your vehicle
  • Our team is known for their quick response time
  • We have a vast range of towing trucks and equipment at our disposal
  • Our team is capable of providing you with dependable towing services round the clock

At Five Star Towing, we offer all our customers a comprehensive range of towing services. These include local towing services, light truck towing, emergency car recovery, long-distance towing, flatbed towing, emergency jumpstart, and other related services.

At Five Star Towing, our team is here for you whenever your vehicle is broken down.


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Always remember that by hiring a reliable and experienced towing company like Five Star Towing, you can easily protect your investment and prevent any further damage to your vehicle. If you are in a situation where you need to hire a professional light truck towing service, give our team a call at (469) 468-6114, and we will reach your location in no time.

Suppose you are anywhere in or around Lucas, Murphy, McKinney, Allen, Sachse, Plano, and Richardson, Texas. In that case, you can save yourself from any emergency towing situations by calling our team for help.


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