Fuel delivery, lockouts, and tire changes

If you happen to spend some time traveling, we can expect you to be already familiar with anything that might happen on the road. Perhaps, this is why emergency roadside assistance services from Five Star Towing have been gaining a lot of popularity throughout the Murphy, Allen, Sachse, Lucas, and Wylie areas. Let us tell you in detail about a few programs that our professionals from Five Star Towing offer to all vehicle owners who may require roadside assistance.

Lockout service

Even though some might find it hard to believe, it is pretty standard for everyday drivers to sometimes forgetfully leave their keys inside the vehicle, which may lead to unprecedented delays and frustration. Though you always have the option to call for a professional locksmith, it is, in fact, an expensive alternative that puts an unnecessary amount of strain on your budget.

Moreover, if you are on the highway, the chances are that a locksmith may not be able to reach your location on time. However, with the help of our professionals from Five Star Towing, you can deal with such issues in no time and a cost-effective manner.

Flat tire

Having a flat tire is also a widespread cause of unnecessary delays. If your vehicle’s tire goes flat and you find yourself stranded helplessly in the middle of nowhere, it can be challenging to deal with it all by yourself. Moreover, driving a heavy-duty vehicle like a truck with more than one flat tire may compromise the overall safety of the driver and the car to a great extent. Professional roadside assistance from Five Star Towing is designed to manage such issues efficiently and quickly. We will ensure that your repair work is executed promptly.

Fuel delivery

After traveling hundreds of miles at a stretch, it is easy to forget to refuel your vehicle. There are times when you might even end up stranded on a highway without any gas stations nearby. If you find yourself stuck in this situation, it would be best to have an emergency fuel delivery service like Five Star Towing by your side.

However, you need to ensure you work with a reliable delivery service partner who will not leave you waiting on the highway all by yourself for long. Our professionals serve across multiple locations in Texas, which means that they can get to your site quickly.

Battery jump start

Commuters are often plagued by the stress of having a dead battery. As automobile batteries have a total service life anywhere from four to five years, you may run out of charge when traveling. Other reasons why your battery might quit on you are leaving the lights or air conditioner on when your vehicle is not on ignition.

With Five Star Towing, you will get high-end roadside assistance anywhere in or around Lucas, Murphy, McKinney, Allen, Sachse, Plano, and Richardson, Texas. Our team is always dedicated to delivering impeccable quality services to all vehicle owners and is just one phone call away.

Advantages of hiring Five Star Towing in Texas

Reliability and dependability

You can quickly minimize any additional damage to your vehicle during recovery and transit by hiring Five Star Towing. All our professionals are qualified to provide you with high-end roadside assistance and come equipped with the necessary equipment to make repairs. If you hire someone who does not have enough experience, they would most certainly end up either asking you for more money or damaging your vehicle in the process.


Emergency roadside assistance services typically serve 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year. You can count on Five Star Towing to be available at your service anytime. Our team will dispatch someone to help you deal with your vehicle as soon as possible.

If you are traveling late at night and your car breaks down, give our team a call for professional assistance. Many roadside assistance service providers do not serve on the weekends and during the night. Five Star Towing, on the other hand, is always available for your service.


If your vehicle does not start or face an accident, we request you to stay with your car and avoid walking on any busy roadways. Once you and your vehicle are secure, you need to call our team right away, seeking assistance. Contact our experts, and they will arrive at your location sooner than you think. We will ensure that your vehicle gets towed to safety without causing any further damage.

Professional assistance

It is always a good idea to let professionals handle your vehicle when it breaks down unexpectedly, or else you may risk escalating the problem even more. Professionals from Five Star Towing offer essential services and equipment to help repair your car or tow it to a nearby auto repair expert effortlessly.

Besides reaching your location quickly, our team will also provide you with high-quality services and roadside repairs. When you call us, our professionals will ask you a series of questions about the current state of your vehicle to determine what kind of service you need. This will also help us determine the appropriate techniques and equipment to use based on the current condition of your vehicle. As a result, it will take us a few minutes to secure your car and make the necessary repairs.

At Five Star Towing, our team is here for you whenever your vehicle is broken down.


If you are in the Murphy, Allen, Sachse, Lucas, or Wylie areas and your vehicle fails to start, you can give us a call at (469) 812-7897. We will get to your location and ensure that you and your vehicle get back on your way in little to no time

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If you need an emergency response team to help you get back on the road, you need to get in touch with Five Star Towing right away. Thanks to years of experience and training, all our experts know how to make repairs in case of an emergency and are capable enough to get you back on track without wasting any time. Suppose you are anywhere in or around Lucas, Murphy, McKinney, Allen, Sachse, Plano, and Richardson, Texas, and need professional roadside assistance. In that case, you can give our team a call at (469) 812-7897, and we will come to your rescue.


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