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Before we tell you about our roadside assistance services, let us look at a few reasons why your vehicle may break down. Note that all these issues can quickly be dealt with if you call Five Star Towing for assistance.


If you are an experienced driver, the chances are that you may have already experienced the frustration and stress that comes when your vehicle breaks down without warning. Getting stuck at an unknown location, on the highway, or at night can be challenging to deal with, especially all by yourself. Not to mention all the stress that starts building up in your mind.

This situation can be even more difficult if you are on your way to deliver something. If you are a frequent traveler, we think that you will fully relate to such helpless situations. Besides helping you guide through such unpredictable breakdowns, our team from Five Star Towing will also provide you with solutions to get emergency roadside assistance whenever required in or around Richardson, Texas.


Common Reasons for Breakdowns:

Even though mechanical failures may cause inevitable vehicle breakdowns, the most prevalent causes of the vehicle breakdown can be identified without much effort.

Tire related issues

Our team from Five Star Towing believes that tires are one of the most common causes of vehicle breakdowns, accounting for the most calls for roadside assistance. Inadequate tread depth, misaligned axles, and underinflation are all common factors that may result in a tire-related issue. Our professionals from Five Star Towing advise you to check the tire pressure, tread depth, and overall wear of your vehicle tires on a regular basis. Ensure that you have them inspected before you hit the road.

Engine problem

The term engine problem tends to cover a wide range of issues that you may be facing. Overheating is the most common problem that drivers face. If your engine ends up overheating after a long ride, it will not run efficiently. Issues related to fans, coolant leaks, blocked radiators, and water pumps should all be examined if you wish to avoid overheating your vehicle’s engine.

If your car suddenly stops due to an overheating engine, you can either wait until the engine cools down or contact Five Star Towing for local roadside assistance in Plano, TX.

Dead battery

Another common reason why your vehicle may break down is a dead or low-charge battery. Vehicle batteries, in general, tend to last anywhere from three to five years. Nevertheless, if you live somewhere particularly hot or cold, this total period tends to get reduced even more. This is why our team recommends you get your vehicle’s battery changed whenever required.

Nevertheless, if your vehicle breaks down due to battery-related issues, our team from Five Star Towing can provide you with emergency jump start services to help you get back on your journey in no time.


All brake-related issues may result in a severe car accident which could also be life-threatening. Disk and drum brakes in a car are constantly subject to regular friction, pressure, and heat. As a result, they often wear out before time if you don’t maintain them properly.

Ensure that your brake rotors, pads, and fluid levels are maintained in ideal working conditions. Our team also provides Emergency Car Recovery services if you need to recover your vehicle after an accident.

How vital is roadside assistance?

If your car breaks down in or around Lucas, Murphy, Allen, Plano, McKinney, and Richardson, leaving you stranded, our emergency roadside assistance can help you in no time. Below are a few scenarios that depict how our team from Five Star Towing can provide you with high-end roadside assistance.

  • If your vehicle runs out of gas on the highway, you can contact our team to come for assistance anytime. We can refuel your vehicle to the point where you can reach the nearest gas station.
  • If your car stops working for any reason, the first thing you need to do is move it to a safe location out of harm’s way. Our roadside assistance service can help tow your car to someplace safe.
  • Your vehicle’s battery can quit on you without any warning. A professional service provider from Five Star Towing can help you jumpstart your battery. If your car does not start after a jumpstart, we will even help you get the entire unit replaced.
  • If you misplace your keys, have them stolen, or lock yourself out, all you need to do is get in touch with Five Star Towing. Our professionals can help you unlock your car without much effort. However, ensure you inform our team about the model and make your vehicle on-call to know what to expect.

At Five Star Towing, our team is here for you whenever your vehicle is broken down.


You need professionals to help you recover your car. Our team is capable of delivering you dependable and fast emergency car recovery services on all highways, driveways, and parking lots throughout our service areas.

Thanks to years of skills and experience in providing roadside assistance, our experts at Five Star Towing are driven to reach your current location as quickly as possible so you can get back on your journey.

If you are at home or on your way home and your vehicle fails to start, you can give us a call at (469) 812-7897. We will get to your location and ensure that you and your vehicle get back on your way in little to no time

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Five Star Towing – Find emergency roadside assistance with minimum effort

You probably have insurance to protect your house against any unanticipated calamities. However, have you ever considered what you would do if your vehicle suddenly breaks down, leaving you stranded miles away from home?

Don’t have any solutions planned for such days? Contact Five Star Towing for roadside assistance anywhere in Lucas, Murphy, McKinney, Allen, Sachse, Plano, or Richardson, Texas. Our team from Five Star Towing is here to help you get through such stressful situations effortlessly.

Not only are our services high-end, but our team can also get to your location in no time. At Five Star Towing, we provide accurate, reliable, and trustworthy assistance to all vehicle owners.

Whether you run out of gas or are in trouble due to engine-related issues, our team can deal with it! Give us a call at (469) 812-7897, and we will get to your location as soon as possible.


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