The Interplay Between Electric Cars and Tow Truck Assistance

Aug 30, 2023

Electric cars are becoming famous for getting around. These cars, known as EVs, short for Electric Vehicles, have some unique things that make them different from regular vehicles. These vehicles run on electricity instead of standard fuels such as gasoline or diesel. As more people drive EVs, there’s a need for reliable help when things go wrong. This blog article will investigate the relationship between electric vehicles and tow truck services. We’ll learn about electric car owners’ unique challenges and how tow truck services play a substantial role. So, get ready as we explore the world where electric cars meet tow trucks.

Electric Cars: The Future of Mobility

Electric cars (EVs) are the future way to travel, offering a range of benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly Choice:

EVs are better for the environment as they produce fewer emissions, helping keep the air clean.

  • Cost Efficiency:

With fewer parts and less maintenance, EVs can save you money in the long run.

  • Reduced Emissions:

EVs don’t emit harmful gases like regular cars do with gasoline because they run on electricity.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs:

The simplicity of EVs means you spend less on repairs and upkeep.

  • Charging Infrastructure:

Charging stations are becoming more available, making it convenient to power up your EV.

Challenges Faced by Electric Car Owners

Owning an electric car comes with unique challenges that might need towtruck services. Let’s take a look:

Range Anxiety and Charging Issues:

Electric cars have a limited range, and some people worry about running out of power while driving. Charging stations might not be everywhere, causing concern about finding a place to recharge.

Situations Requiring Tow Truck Assistance:

These challenges could lead to problems where electric car owners need help. For instance:

Flat Tire: Modern cars often don’t have a spare tire. If you get a flat tire, you’ll likely need a tow.

Battery Depletion: If your electric car’s battery runs out, it simply stops. Even with warnings, once the battery is empty, your car won’t move until you charge it.

Brake Issues: Brake problems mean pulling over and calling for a tow to the nearest repair place.

Moving: You can save time and wear by using an auto transport service to move your electric car safely to the new place.

These real-life scenarios show how electric car owners might need assistance beyond what they can handle independently. It is where reliable towtruck services become essential to get you back on the road.

Tow truck Services for Electric Cars

Regarding helping electric car owners, tow truck services play a vital role. Let’s dive into how they do it:

  • Specialized Training and Equipment:

Towing electric vehicles (EVs) differs from towing regular cars. Special training and equipment are required to ensure the safety and protection of the EV’s complex systems.

  • Towing Safely and Efficiently:

Towing an electric car is more complex than it might seem. If done improperly, it can lead to complications. If an electric car is towed while its wheels are spinning, the battery can keep generating power without using it. That’s where using the right tow truck matters.

  • Addressing Misconceptions:

There might be misconceptions about towing electric cars. Contrary to what many people think, using an electric car tow dolly, a hook and chain truck, or a wheel lift tow truck can lead to problems. When two of the wheels spin, power is generated but not utilized. This emphasizes the importance of choosing the right method.

  • Flatbed Tow Truck: The Best Option:

A flatbed tow truck is the best choice for towing electric cars. It eliminates risks associated with wheel movement. Electric car manufacturers recommend using a flatbed truck because it prevents potential damage to the vehicle.

So, the next time an electric car needs a tow, remember that not all tow trucks are suitable. Trusting the expertise of specialized towtruck services ensures the safe and efficient towing of electric vehicles.

Can You Jumpstart an Electric Car?

Jumpstarting an electric car is tricky and different from regular vehicles. Let’s break it down:

  • Different Batteries: Electric cars have two kinds of batteries – a big one for making the car go and a smaller one, like what regular vehicles have.
  • The Big Battery: If the big battery is out of juice, you can’t jump it like regular cars. You need to charge it up again instead.
  • The Small Battery: If the small battery dies, like in regular cars, you can jump it using cables and another car.
  • Stay Safe: If you need to jump your electric car, ensure it’s not plugged in and charging. A short circuit could occur if you jump-start an electric vehicle that is plugged in, damaging your vehicle.
  • What Not to Do: Don’t think you can jump the big battery – it’s a different game. But for the small battery, you can jump it safely.

Electric cars have their own battery rules, so always follow the owner’s manual if you need clarification.

Towing an Electric Car:

Towing any car can be tricky, and electric vehicles are no different. You might face issues if you try to pull an electric vehicle with specific methods like using an electric car tow dolly, a hook and chain truck, or a wheel lift tow truck. Two of the wheels might spin and create power, but it doesn’t really help. You can only use dollies to tow an electric car if all four wheels are off the ground. It’s better to use a flatbed tow truck for a safer choice. These trucks don’t mess with the wheels, so they’re less risky. Electric car makers even say using a flatbed truck is the best way to move an electric car without causing damage. So, if you need to tow your electric car, remember that flatbed tow trucks are the way for a smooth and safe ride.

Prevention Steps To Avoid Breaking Down:

Keeping your electric car running smoothly is essential. Here are some tips to avoid breakdowns:

  • Regular Check-Ups:

Your electric automobile needs regular check-ups like any car. Visit a mechanic who knows electric cars to keep everything in good shape.

  • Charge Wisely:

Make sure to charge your car when you can. Running out of power can be a hassle. Keep an eye on the battery level and plan your charging stops.

  • Trip Planning:

Before long trips, plan your route and know where charging stations are. This way, you won’t get stuck without power.

  • Cool Down:

Electric cars can get hot if you use them a lot. Let your car cool down after driving to prevent overheating.

  • Tire Care:

Keep an eye on your tires. Properly inflated tires help your car run efficiently and reduce the risk of problems.

These tips will help your electric car stay in great shape and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Driving the Future: Electric Cars and the Essential Role of Tow Truck Services

In wrapping up our exploration of electric cars and towing services, remember this: having reliable assistance matters. Electric car ownership comes with unique challenges; the right towtruck services can make all the difference. Stay informed about your options and ensure a smooth journey for your electric vehicle. For dependable help, contact Five Star Towing – a Lucas tow service at (469) 812-7897. Stay prepared, and keep driving with confidence!


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